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General Show Information

Rescue 77
Richard Roundtree as Capt. Durfee
Marjorie Monaghan as FF/PM Kathleen Ryan
Victor Browne as FF/PM Mike Bell
Christian Kane as FF/PM Wick Lobo
Robia LaMorte as Megan Cates RN

Rescue77 - was a Wheeled Coach Ambulance

Similar to Rescue 77 but not the real thing.
Engine77 - was a Pierce MFG truck.

Similar to Engine 77 but not the real thing.
Truck77- was an American La France Aerial Ladder Truck
more information is needed
Station 77-was Unused LAFD Station 21, picture in link is from1926, which was damaged in an earthquake.
City Base Hospital-Woodruff Community Hospital  

Third Watch

John Wiles as NYPD Officer Maurice"Bosco"Boscorelli
Bobby Canvale as FF/PM Bobby Caffey
Michael Beach as FF/PM Monte"Doc"Parker
Coby Bell as NYPD Officer Ty Davis Jr.
Molly Price as NYPD Officer Faith Yokas
Eddie Cibrian as FFJimmy Doherty
Kim Raver as FF/PM Kim Zambrano
Anthony Ruivivar as FF/PM Carlos Nieto
Skipp Sudduth as NYPD Officer John"Sully"Sullivan

Seagrave Fire Engines

Seagrave Aerial Ladder Trucks

Not the same truck used in Third Watch but very similar to the one used.
Rescue 5

Not used in Third Watch but is an awesome piece of equipment.

more information is needed