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Emergency! Code Red and L.A. Firefighters


The hour-long drama series, Emergency!, was created by Jack Webb. Inspired by an experiment that began in 1969, Emergency! was praised by U.S. Senator Alan Cranston for educating the public about the value of real-life paramedics. Emergency! was a show about 2 Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics, John Gage and Roy DeSoto who togrther teamed up as Rescue Squad51. Along with the crew from Engine Company 51 and the staff from the Emergency Room at Rampart General Hospital, Squad 51 saved people from fires, auto accidents, natural disasters,  sofa beds, sinks and more. Emeregncy! made its World Premier on Saturday night January 15, 1972, as a midseason replacement, and ran until 1979, and can still be seen on TV Land at 8p.m. EST daily. You may also purchase Emergency videos Columbia House, first video is $4.95 each one after that is 19.95. Two episodes per video.

Code Red   

An hour long drama which aired on ABC in 1981-82, Code Red was an
instructional series about fire fighters specializing in arson investigations set in Los Angeles. Along with lessons in fire safety, viewers saw examples of the work of paramedics, rescue operations, and even "scuba diving for underwater fire prevention". Chief Joe Rorchek is a 30 year veteran of the LA Fire Department. His sons follow in his footsteps, as does 13-year-old adopted Danny who wants to be a fireman. Heavy on teaching us all about fire safety. Unlike Emergency! Code Red is based out of a Los Angeles City Fire Department.

L.A. Firefighters  

  The hour-long drama series, L.A. Firefighters, was created by Gordon Greisman. A total of 18 episodes were produced. The original 6 aired in the United States, over the summer of 1996 from June 3 to July 8 on the FOX network, Monday nights at 9:00 PM (EST). This show like Emergency! is based on the L.A. County Fire Department