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Rescue 77 and Third Watch

Rescue 77  

"Between the streets and the Emergency Room, there's Rescue 77"

 A new pulse-pounding, drama from Gregory Widen, the creator of the hit movie Backdraft, Kevin Arkadie (New York Undercover) and Spelling Television. In the nerve-shattering moment between calm and crisis, the brave are born. Heroes like the dedicated paramedics of L.A. Engine Company 21 - the first rescue team on the scene at a major accident, and the last hope of the critically injured. The impulsive Michael Bell, the rebellious Wick Lobo, the determined Kathleen Ryan and compassionate but tough-as-nails Captain Durfee are battle-hardened veterans who dispense an aggressive brand of emergency care. In their state-of-the-art mobile rescue unit, they tackle any situation, anytime, anywhere. Devoted friends in it for the pride, the satisfaction, the danger... and each other.

Third Watch   

From multi-award winners John Wells (NBC's "ER") and Christopher Chulack ("ER") comes this action-packed drama about the brave and dedicated people who serve as police, paramedics and firefighters on the "third watch," (the shift from 3-11 p.m.). For them keeping the streets safe and answering cries for help is all in a day's work.  Kim Zambrano  and Bobby Caffey  are paramedic team 55-2. Young and tough, they work well together and are both devoted to the people they help. Their counterpart is the battle weary Monte "Doc" Parker  who must show the new guy, Carlos Nieto , the ropes, from dealing with the daily tragedies of the job to going beyond the call of duty to help people in the community. Kim's ex-husband is firefighter Jimmy Doherty  whose tenacity is contrasted by his reckless personal life. From blazing buildings and car accidents to crime scenes and domestic emergencies, these unsung heroes are often first on the scene.
Meanwhile, just across the street, the police of the 55th Precinct show up for their daily tours of duty. Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli’s  glory-hungry "supercop" mentality annoys his long-suffering partner Faith Yokas, a married mother of two. Bosco’s flashy law enforcement style doesn't go over well with the streetwise veteran cop John "Sully" Sullivan  who wrestles with the assignment of his green, by-the-book partner, Ty Davis , the son of his former partner who was killed in the line of duty.
This tight knit group of cops and emergency personnel know each other well, sometimes too well, as they work side-by-side in harsh, urban conditions.
"Third Watch" is from John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. John Wells and Christopher Chulack are executive producers.